What You Get With PsyMax Solutions’ Work Style Matcher™ Pre-Employment Hiring Assessments

Dedicated to Matching the Best Candidates to Your Unique Job Requirements and Company Culture

PsyMax Solutions’ Work Style Matcher™ pre-employment hiring assessments and hiring tools offer a scientific measurement of job candidates’ non-technical soft skills and are available in 3 levels measuring between 12 and 20 non-technical soft skills also called work style behaviors, allowing you to choose the pre-employment assessments that best suits your needs.

With Work Style Matcher™, you receive a numerical match score that gives you the degree of fit between the candidate, your job and your business work culture. Our innovative, proprietary match system is very easy to use, and increases the likelihood of making the best hire possible in terms of your business culture and job needs. The result is an employee that is a great fit and the right match for your company.

PsyMax compares your candidate’s results to thousands of other people in our database. The more you use our Work Style Matcher™, the more you understand which soft skills are needed to be successful for specific jobs in your company. PsyMax’s Work Style Matcher™ assessments help companies make a better-informed hiring decision.

All of our Work Style Matcher™ pre-employment hiring assessments include:

1. Success Profile

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

Success Profile identifies the most critical work style behaviors for specific jobs in your company.

2. Quick Glance Summary

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

A Quick Glance Summary of work style behaviors and how the job candidate scored.

3. Degree of Fit Match Score

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

A Degree of Fit Match Score measuring the overall level of job-person match based on your Success Profile

4. Interview Tips, Suggestions and Questions

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

Interview Tips, Suggestions, and Questions keyed to the job candidate’s work style behavior scores, helping you know what questions to ask.

5. Optional Learning Agility Assessment

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

Optional Learning Agility Assessment measuring common required business skills.

6. Customer Portal

pre-employment testing, hiring assessments

A Customer Portal to setup Jobs, Success Profiles, Invite Candidates and Review Results.