Better Hiring Techniques to Consider

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Finding a qualified candidate that’s a good fit for a position in your company can be a challenge. Consider these hiring techniques that will help you fill positions with the “right” candidate:



Be clear on what you are looking for


You need to know exactly what skills you are looking for in a candidate to make the selection process effective.


Prepare specific questions to ask candidates


Use some type of structured, behaviorally based interview process. In addition, build in a series of follow-up probing questions to ask. The better prepared you are, the less likely you are to be misled, distracted, or to accept vague answers, thereby make a poor and costly hiring decision.



Modify your selection practices on a continual basis


Hiring techniques and processes are always changing, and sticking to “tradition” won’t always land you the prospects you seek. As business changes, you need to adapt quickly. Improve your hiring process by exploring new ways of recruiting and hiring talent. By continuing to maximize your hiring process, you’ll put the right people in place for the benefit of everyone – the company, the employee, and yourself.



Make the hiring process a positive experience for the candidate


Making a good impression counts and what better way to start than with potential hires? Set out a clear process and ask relevant questions that are tied to the skills and behaviors you want to evaluate. Also remember you are representing your company’s brand and culture to new candidates. Even if you decide not to hire a particular individual, they will talk to other people who might be exactly who you are looking for. You don’t want people criticizing your company or telling others they had a bad experience during the hiring process.



Streamline the process


You’re not the only one searching for talented individuals who are a good match for your culture and job requirements. Make the most of your hiring “window” by streamlining the interview process and being prepared. Don’t create too many obstacles for candidates and make sure they feel they were treated fairly. These small suggestions may help you secure the talent you’re seeking before your competition does.




Research has shown that by focusing on the wrong qualifications, nearly half of all employees end up having insufficient or incorrect skills to perform the job for which they were hired. Ensure that your candidate is a good match for the role they will be performing by utilizing the best hiring techniques. Then complete your background checks, talk to references, and interview the candidate several times. Now you’re ready to ask yourself if you’re sure the candidate is the right fit for your company.



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