Tips on Staying Engaged at Work

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Getting up and not being excited about going to work is a terrible feeling. Why would you want to keep working in a job where you feel so unhappy and unmotivated? Rather than throwing in the towel and looking elsewhere, why not try and find new strategies to increase your employee strengths at work?



Think about the People who are Benefiting from what you do


There is always a purpose to what you do, and considering the person on the receiving end may give you the motivation you need to get through the day. For instance, if you answer phones all day, providing others with solutions to their problems in a friendly and helpful manner can be rewarding, and can help keep you engaged.


Thinking about who is affected by your work allows you to have a better appreciation for what you do. Even if you are someone who punches numbers into a spreadsheet, remember the data you are inputting is important. No matter how “small” you think your job may be, there is always someone who is going to benefit from it.



Identify Areas where you Excel or where you Struggle


Evaluating your own employee strengths and weaknesses can help you see things more clearly. You can focus your energy on the things you’re good at while also slowly working towards improving the things you’re not so good at.



This exercise requires a close examination of yourself. Think about the particular aspects of your job that you really enjoy doing. There may be tasks that you find more enjoyable than others, and you may have a tendency to do more than what is asked of you and do a better job when working on these particular tasks.



On the other hand, you also have to think about the tasks that you don’t like doing or may not do particularly well.



The above exercise allows you to identify areas where you can contribute to the company or to its customers. By recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to let your supervisors know which activities you would like to become more engaged in. As you move forward, you can do work that offers you more personal fulfillment.



The success of this exercise also greatly depends on how well your supervisor receives the information. You can let him or her know that you’re not abandoning those tasks that aren’t your strengths; you just want to work harder in areas where you know can have a positive impact for the company.



Catering to your Strengths


Of course, being allowed to pursue activities that cater to employee strengths won’t always result in success, and this is a fact that you have to be comfortable with. But you shouldn’t lose hope either, because making mistakes sets you on a path to improvement. Sometimes you learn more from your failures than from your successes.



Feeling unsatisfied at work is a common occurrence and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Everyone handles these feelings differently, and the tips presented above can help you discover ways to stay more engaged – and more motivated – at work.


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