Why You Should Use Personality Work Style Assessments as Part of Your Hiring Process

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The goal of any hiring process is to acquire relevant information about a potential employee. This is usually done by rifling through resumes and scheduling interviews. However, these methods aren’t always reliable: resumes may be padded with lies and misleading statements while interviews can be subjective. On the other hand, an assessment test is an objective means of obtaining useful, job-related information on candidates.


How can Pre-Employment Tests Help?


Employers are discovering that despite their focus on fine-tuning the hiring process, many times they still end up hiring the wrong candidates. As a result, valuable time and company resources are wasted in the quest to find a quality hire. However, the problem is not without a solution.


One answer to this problem is to consider using pre-employment assessment tests. These assessments help employers objectively gather information that predicts their candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and also indicates how well their candidates “fit” the requirements of a particular position. Assessments provide reliable and objective data that helps employers make better hiring decisions.


Giving an assessment test not only streamlines the hiring process, it also benefits the entire organization. It increases the likelihood of new hire success and can help with achieving desired business outcomes. Here are some of the benefits to employee testing:


Higher Productivity


Well-validated pre-employment tests can help predict which candidates are likely to be successful hires for your company. The assessments provide objective data on the abilities, knowledge, and soft (Emotional Intelligence) skills of a potential hire – skills that have been shown to be essential in determining how well a candidate will perform in their particular line of work.



Employee Retention and Reduction of Turnover-Related Costs


While assessment tests help employers determine whether a potential hire has the right aptitude needed for a position or job, they also reveal relevant information such as temperament and personality. This information is very valuable as part of the hiring process and can greatly reduce the likelihood of poor hires and high turnover.



Spend Less Time on the Hiring Process while Making Better Hiring Decisions


With the applicant pool rising and online job postings regularly receiving hundreds of applications, many hiring managers are overwhelmed by sifting through resumes in their search for appropriate candidates to interview. In addition, many candidates often ignore specific job qualifications and simply continue to send in their resume whether they are qualified or not. By asking applicants to take assessment tests early on, employers are able to specifically hone in on those candidates who may be good potential hires. Those people can then be called in for an interview.


Additionally, a personality assessment test can also narrow down applicants into a list of those who are the right fit for a particular work culture environment. Work Style Assessments provide objective and reliable results that can help you make the right hiring decision.



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